Okee Sanitary District No. 1

Lodi, Twp., Columbia Co., WI

                                                                         Notice of Public Hearing


2024 Budget


Notice is hereby given that the Okee Sanitary District No. 1 will hold a hearing for the purpose of approving the proposed 2024 Budget. Hearing will be held on Wednesday Nov. 15, 2023, commencing at 5:00 p.m. at the Okee Sanitary District Office, W10901 Lake Point Dr. Lodi, WI. Written comments sent to Connie Sears, Okee Sanitary District Administrator / Clerk-Treasurer by mail or via email at hgokee@harmonygrove-okee.com, will be entered into the Public Hearing Record if received no later than Wed. Nov. 15, 2023 by 3:00 pm.

By order of the Okee Sanitary District Commission

Posted and published by; Connie R. Sears, District Administrator / Clerk-Treasurer

2024 DRAFT Okee Sanitary District Budget

Operating Revenues


Service Revenues Billed


Total Operating Revenue


Non-Operating Sources

Interest Income


Late Fee Penalties


Administrative Fees


Total Non-Operating Revenue


Total Source Funds



Direct O & M Costs


Admin Expense Joint Commission


Debt Expense Joint Commission


Power Purchased for Pumping


Repairs & Maintenance


Total O & M Expense


Administrative Expense

Administrative Salaries


Payroll Taxes-FICA/Medicare


Office Expense-Supplies


Office Expense Postage


Outside Services-Auditing


Outside Services-Engineering


Outside Services-Legal


Outside Services-Misc


Insurance Expense


Office Utilities was RENT


Capital-Repairs & Maintenance


Total Administrative Expense


Total Expenditures